Stainless Steel Bearing-U-Slot

Material: carbon steel ,chrome steel, brass, stainless steel, Nylon, PP, POM, PA6, PA66, PVC etc.

Processing: CNC turning, CNC milling, CNC turn-milled, Laser cutting

Size: As per customer’s requirements

Surface Treatment: Powder coating, Zinc coating, Galvanization, Electro-deposition coating, Chrome/zinc/nickel plating, Polishing, Silkscreen, Black oxide

Application: Automotive, ATV, Mechanical equipment, Construction, Home appliance, Aviation,Office facilities, Agriculture, etc.

Advantages of JINGBANG stainless steel bearing

1. Good corrosion resistance: stainless steel bearings are not easy to rust and have strong corrosion resistance.

2. Washable: stainless steel bearings can be washed without re-lubricating oil to prevent rusting.

3. Can run in liquid: Because of the materials used, we can run in liquid bearings and bearing seats.

4. Slow depletion rate: AISI 316 stainless steel, without oil or grease corrosion protection. Therefore, if the speed and load are low, lubrication is not necessary.

5. Hygiene: stainless steel is naturally clean and non-corrosive.

6. High heat resistance: the stainless steel bearing is equipped with a high-temperature polymer cage or a cage without a complete complement structure, which can operate in a higher temperature range of 180 ° F to 1000 ° F. (High temperature resistant grease is required)

Compared with ordinary bearings, JINGBANG stainless steel bearings not only have obvious advantages in material, but also are more strict in technology and precision control than ordinary bearings. The stainless steel bearing is stable in operation, low in noise, corrosion resistant and widely used.